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Scuba Scooters Of Cozumel

Lonnie Salinas
812 Calle Miguel Hidalgo
#6 Entre 40 y 45
Adolfo Lopez Mateos
Cozumel QR
C.P. 77667 C.R. 77601
phone: 1 (561) 602-7515
WhatsApp:+ 1 (561) 602-7515

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Lonnie Salinas Scuba Scooters

Lonnie Salinas

Chief Instructor & Owner

Having sailed off the coasts of most of Mexico, Baja, Pacific, Sea of Cortez, Caribbean, he wanted to see below the water and did his Divemaster Internship in Cozumel, then graduated the Instructor Development Course with a number of specialties.  It was after taking the Padi Diver Propulsion Specialty Course, he fell in love with the ability to travel underwater like something out of a fantasy. 

Lynn (“Smurf”) Hernandez

Lynn (“Smurf”) Hernandez


Lynn has always had a love for all things related to the ocean, including kayaking, snorkeling, and diving.  It has been a dream of hers to leave the rigors of the mainland and teach others and locals of the island how to swim, snorkel and dive.

Together, Lonnie and Lynn started their business with the intent to stand out from the rest of the dive shops.  How?  There are more than 100 dive shops in Cozumel all offering basically the same menu, same cattle call, more volume equals more $$.  At Scuba-Scooters, their company was formed with the intent to keep the groups small, intimate, more of a family feeling, putting safety first and taking the time necessary to learn, without rushing to the next customer.  More importantly, Lonnie and Lynn are incorporating the locals into the idea, having beach cleanups, teaching youngsters how to swim, teenagers the importance of a clean healthy ocean, and giving adults the opportunity to dive so that they can benefit as well.  Helping the community is good for all!

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